Teachers Training School


The State University of New York at Buffalo Campus 

This magnificent campus is located only five minutes from the airport, and is close to several hotels, restaurants and shopping areas. The Center for the Arts is located on SUNY at Buffalo's North Campus and has professional, well-equipped dacne studios and theatres for the untimate in dance learning.


The Center for the Arts at the State University of New York at Buffalo is a modern, state of the art facility dedicated to the Arts.  The Center offers a full set of amenities of the dance and theatre departments, and allows the attendees the luxury of ceoncentrating on learning instead of worrying about any limitations of the classroom. It provides the professional environment in which to enhance and grow along with oour Teachers Training Scholl Programs.


The State University of New York at Buffalo and the Center for the Arts offers our Teachers Training School Program and environment highly conducive to learning.  The facility is full committed to the rask at hand, where their energy and enthusiasm motivates everyone.  The attendees are dedicated, hard working professionals and are eager and ready to learn, willing to put in their time and effort to make the most of the unique opportunity.  Teacher Training School does not hve a competitive envoronment.  Instead, everyone is very supportive of each other and readily shares ideas and experiences.  Over the years, the program had grown to provide a feeling of camaraderie amongst attendees, where everyone whorks together toward a common cause.  lasting friendship are often made.  All of these factors contribute to a hightly positive, motivational and beneficial experience both in and out of the classroom.  And it;s a lot of fun!


With a long established history, a focus on education, a conprehensive curriculum, excellent faculty, state of the art facilities, a learning envirorment, and lots of fun, makes the Dance Masters of America's Teachers Training School an opportunity no teacher can afford to miss