Student Honors Intensive Program

A Message from our National Executive Secretary…

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to offer our Student Honors Intensive Program (S.H.I.P.) at both The State University of New York at Buffalo S.H.I.P. NORTH and DMA's newest educational venue S.H.I.P. SOUTH at the beautiful Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. These are fabulous programs for the serious young dancer. The dance education received at these intensive programs are second to none.

Prior to the introduction of our S.H.I.P. there were no program available to meet the needs of the serious dance student ages 13-18 years old. The members of the Advisory Committee and Mr. Tom Relabate, our liaison with the Dance Department at the State University of NY at Buffalo had seen a need for a special program for those serious dance students. We felt that the needs of these students were not being addressed in our Teachers Training School curriculum. We needed an educational program specifically designed to not only extend their dance training but also introduce them to the many avenues in dance now open to them. With these ideas and goals our S.H.I.P program was developed and has grown  tremendously and we are pleased to now offer the same program to more young dancers with the addition of S.H.I.P. SOUTH.

The students attending S.H.I.P. NORTH or S.H.I.P. SOUTH will have daily technique classes taught by our fabulous faculty. In addition to their dance classes they will learn how to produce a professional resume and portfolio, which will be very useful to them regardless of the avenue they decide to pursue. They will fine-tune their auditioning skills. They will learn how to improve their teaching techniques. We will offer seminars on the numerous professional dance options currently available to them. In addition there will be classes in musical theatre, singing, and acting. At the end of the week, the students will perform in a showcase. A professional mentoring program will be offered to each and every student.

This is a fantastic opportunity for serious dancers to explore all the dance related careers open to them. Of course, students who have reached their eighteenth birthday and want to become a dance educator will be given the opportunity to attend our regular Teachers Training School Program.

Students attending either S.H.I.P. NORTH or S.H.I.P. SOUTH are required to stay in the dormitories. With common housing, our aim is to create a friendly and fraternal atmosphere that will foster mutual growth. The Dance Masters of America will provide adult chaperones for all students attending this program. Adults (over the age of 21) wishing to volunteer may submit a Chaperone Registration Form for approval. If approved, the Chaperone will receive FREE DORMITORY LODGING AND A MEAL TICKET.

College bound students should note that one college credit per year is available at the State University of New York at Buffalo for a fee. Junior S.H.I.P. students are not eligible for college credits. Forms will be available onsite at the Registration Desk.

If you have any questions pertaining to S.H.I.P. NORTH, please feel free to call Laura Bostic, S.H.I.P. NORTH Administrative Director at (734) 718-9146 (Cell) or E-mail her at

If you have any questions pertaining to S.H.I.P. SOUTH, please feel free to call,  ------------------- S.H.I.P. SOUTH Administrative Director at ----------------- or E-mail at -----------------------------


Robert Mann

Executive Secretary


is an educational journey for young emerging dancers ages 13-18 and prepares them for the job demands of the 21st century.


is a voyage through the classroom, that challenges the dancers technical and artistic expression.


is the pathway to the stage and nurtures the development of resourceful artists of the future.

S H I P consists of daily Master Classes in Ballet, Tap and Jazz.

We also prepare the dancers for The Musical Theatre, Dance Company and Commercial Dance Auditions,

along with other Dance Career options, Wellness Classes, and much more.