About Dance Masters of America
Transfer of Membership


In accordance with the Bylaws of this organization requests for a transfer of membership can only be accomplished if all of the follow conditions and proceedures have been met:

1.    The National Executive Secretary receives a Request of Membership Transfer from the member.
2.    The National Executive Secretary then contacts the Chapter that the members is leaving to insure that the Member is in GOOD STANDING (all Dues and Fees have been paid and that the member is not in violation of the National or Chapter; Bylaws, Code of Ethics or Rules). 
3.    If the Member is in GOOD STANDING, the National Execuitve Secretary then contacts the Chapter the Member wishes to join to insure that the Chapter is willing to accept the member or determine the conditions that must be met before the transfer is completed and approved.
4.     If all requirements have been met and both Chapters are in agreement with the Transfer, the DMA Member File are updates and notice is sent to the the Secretary of both Affiliated Chapters and the National Treasurer.

I have met all the qualification of the new Chapter and they have approved my transfer.